How To Spy on and Sell to Site Abandoners

Recently, we started working with an advertiser who has a great market-leading software tool, but a ton of competition when it comes to Google Ads.

CPC’s for their top keywords are in the $30 - $50 range. Combine that with lower search volumes, and you’ve got a challenging campaign to run.

One thing that we’ve deployed for this particular campaign is a reverse IP lookup tool called Visitor Queue to track who is visiting our campaign landing pages. The tool tells us exactly who has visited our landing pages, and their contact information.

On average, 98% of website visitors leave without converting… leaving a huge missed opportunity. Even if you’ve got the perfect landing page, you’re still never going to convert everyone who visits.

This is only suited for B2B marketing, and in fact Visitor Queue will only return company/corporate email addresses and ignore personal one’s (like Gmail, Hotmail etc.)

Visitor Queue provides:

  • Company Information

  • Website Visit Information

  • Key Contact Information & Emails

  • LinkedIn Contact Information

  • Regular Email Notifications

Once you see someone has visited the landing page without converting - you can send them an email, reach out on LinkedIn, or give them a call directly (to really freak them out).

The setup:

Visitor Queue uses Google Analytics to tag your pages or website. So the setup is super quick and easy.

However, if you want to use this tool only on specific pages, what you can do is set up a specific Google Analytics ‘view’ within your Google Analytics account. This is helpful if you want to find the contact information of people that only visit your landing pages, and not everyone who visits your main website.

If you're interested in setting this up - I can help you through the process. Just shoot me an email.